Shibani Pith, Baruipur

Grace of the Divine Mother overflows here

In the southern fringes of Kolkata ( at Baruipur in South 24 Parganas ,to be precise), this temple called Shibani Pith draws hundreds of men and women from distant places ,who throng to this holy place resplendent with all-permeating serenity. They come here seeking blessings of Maa Shibani and Her enigmatic devotee Kinkar Kalikananda Maharaj ( popularly known as Na Da  or Thakurmashai). A life of unflinching Sadhana marks this revered yogi whose  spartan life style and tireless  discipline in serving his beloved Shibani Maa , puts him in the league of all time great yogis . Those who have benefited from his blessings vouch for his divine awareness though he himself attributes  the so-called "miracles" to be  the handiwork of his beloved mother- Maa Shibani .

Pratima is strikingly life-like and  the glow on Maharaj's countenance is hard to miss.


Some important information:-


  • Mandir remains closed from 11.15 AM to 12.00 AM everyday and from 11.15 AM to  1.30 PM(afternoon) on Saturdays,Sundays and holidays in the months of December and January.
  • All mobile phones/devices must be swithed off or put on silent mode prior entering the mandir .

Thakurmashai is available during following times of the day to speak to devotees , to hear and solve  their worldly troubles -

  1. After morning puja i.e around 8.40 AM
  2. Afternoon 3.00-3.30 PM
  3. After evening Arati , the time of which varies depending on sunset time .

He is not available for same during the following days-

1. Poila Boisakh 2.Akshay Tritiya 3.Rathjatra 4. Bipattarini Puja 5.Janmashtami 6. Mahalaya 7. Durgapuja,from Chaturthi to Ekadashi 8.Laxmi Puja 9. Kali puja and its following day 10. Saraswati puja and its following day 11. Viswakaram Puja 12. Shivaratri 13. Doljatra 14. Ratanti Kalipuja and Phalaharini Kali Puja 15 .Every Purnima 


Shibani Pith




This site has been created by Debabrata Pattrea(Patri) , an ardent devotee of Maa Shibani and Sri Kinkar Kalikananda Maharaj  whom he lovingly addresses as "Baba"


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