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Trapped! by Debabrata Pattrea

Every now and then a pull draws me,

Towards a self,larger and free

Then do I breathe for a fleeting while

When I perceive -How futile,

Are the pursuits,the ego,the inflated "ME"

The quest for more to have and more to be !

Is that moment of bliss,a glimpse of light? 

Of a purer self,a freer s…

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Lost! by Debabrata Pattrea

Debabrata Pattrea

There have been times when lying on a couch 
Of thoughts, I've pondered long and lone.
And I've wandered in realms of darkness,
Rummaging every nook I have known.
I've pondered on the endless desires,
And quests of the inflated "ME."
I've pondered on the aims we have cherishe…

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The voice within! by Debabrata Pattrea

To escape frivolity is a task uphill;
For us who drift in our own wild will.
We sink in its quagmire again and again;
In the swamp of actions so profane.
Life ,for us, is just a filling of time,
Tween nursery rhyme and funeral chime.
And what better can fill our time and mind ;
Than pleasures and aims of e…

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Maze of thoughts by Debabrata Pattrea

A name,a son, a husband, a father, a citizen, a it all about "becoming", is it all about "identities " and "roles"? What happens to the "being", to the "self", to the consciousness when stripped of all identities? Who am I when I am not anybody ?

I think it is important to shun "…

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Random thoughts by Debabrata Pattrea



The "conflict" between different ideas and life choices seems to be "notional" and may be an important ingredient of "maya" but actually there is no conflict.
We are finally seeking "happiness" . Only ,what gives us happiness is different. And the choices we make opens up a field of experi…

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Excerpts of mail exchange with a seeker -Debabrata Pattrea

This spiritual connect for those walking the path is what astonishes me .
 I have seen it several times . Just the night when I decided to make the site, a "shyama sangeet" - a Kali song ,heard years before was repeatedly coming to my mind .
Next morning when I was doing my morning walk ,heard the s…

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