Shibani Pith, Baruipur

Grace of the Divine Mother overflows here

Random thoughts by Debabrata Pattrea



The "conflict" between different ideas and life choices seems to be "notional" and may be an important ingredient of "maya" but actually there is no conflict.
We are finally seeking "happiness" . Only ,what gives us happiness is different. And the choices we make opens up a field of experience driven by the choices.
Say ,somebody wants to stay a bachelor and enjoy a bohemian or hedonistic lifestyle . He does it because he finds happiness in that. A householder gets his happiness from the love and care that he exchanges with his family members . Two entirely different fields of experience !
Similarly , somebody makes choices to enhance his material well being or be famous or contribute to the betterment of society or several of them together . He does so because that gives him happiness . The field of experience that his choices opens up for him is alluring to him.
The story is not different for those driven by spiritual pursuits . The growth of awareness from sadhana opens up a field of experience which brings immense happiness for the sadhak. He experiences things which he had never imagined . Some cling on to limited achievements ( some powers etc) whereas others pine for heightened awareness and related field of experience .

Finally , life can hold all and may be needs to hold all to perpetuate this play of "maya"

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